AMARCORD: Bagni 25’s history...

Do you know how beach number 25 was originated?
In 1946, Mrs. Gina convinced her husband Fernando to take the concession of a stretch of beach, or rather a bunch of stones, hoping that one day the tourist development would reward her .. and so was!
Fernando, lifeguard since 1935, worked hard with his wife Gina and their children Luciano and Anna Maria to make this dream come true: every morning, with wheelbarrow and shovels, they cleared that stretch of beach from stones to make room for some tents and deckchairs, which clients brought with them by train from the nearby Cattolica railway station to Gabicce Mare.
When the founders Gina and Fernando passed away, Bagni 25 was managed with pride and passion by their son Luciano and his family, offering hospitality and welcome, in a warm and friendly atmosphere that combines tradition and innovation..
Beach operator of yesteryear, elderly in name only, but always young in spirit, Fernando Scola is still remembered with affection by his clients and fellow villagers, proven fact from the articles "Cleared beach from stones", "Nonno Fernando, a life as a beach operator”, “Farewell to Fernando, beach operator of yesteryear”. Recently he was awarded by the "Baia Verde e Blu" plate, received by his son, who dedicated it to the founders Fernando and Gina.


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